Dr. Rock & Latin Rock, Inc.

Latin Rock, Inc. is committed to promoting and preserving the music and culture associated with Latin Rock, on a ongoing basis and in all of its different forms, from the past to the present.

Latin Rock, Inc. Proudly Supports These Fine Artists

Richard Bean and Sapo Salvador Santana & Band Blanca Ruckatan Dakila See Upcoming Events!
Bernie 'Dr. Rock' Gonzalez

Meet "Dr. Latin Rock," AKA Dr. Bernardo D. Gonzalez III. By day, he is a Dentist, working in the Mission District. A kind of Caped Crusader, Dr. Rock lives his Rock & Roll dream as a successful Latin Rock promoter by night.

Dr. Gonzalez enjoys the thrill of creating Latin Rock venues and bringing the music to the people, at very reasonable ticket prices. This has been Dr. Rock's dream from day one. Always on the look out for new creative talent, Dr. Rock is in a unique position, just like his mentor Bill Graham, to continue to successfully produce Latin Rock shows of many genres.