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MC Tony Sandoval

Meet Ray Carrion & Thee Latin AllStars on Oct 5th playing your favorite Brown Sounds from East LA - with Special Guest MC Tony Sandoval

Please join us on Saturday October 5th at the Club Fox with our MC for the night, Tony Sandoval who has graced the airwaves for over 20 years. In an era of losing our radio personalities, we continue to hear and enjoy Tony Sandoval. Tony has also been a recipient of the Armando Peraza Award from the Voices of Latin Rock. If you are not following Tony Sandoval's hilarious posts on Facebook then you are missing a daily laugh to complete your day. There will be special priced tickets for the show in partner with KKUP for the music marathon with tribute for Raul Rekow. Be sure to show your support when buying your tickets here.

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Ray Carrion

Ray Carrion & Thee Latin AllStars - Based out of Los Angeles bring their unique blend of Latin Soul, R&B and Latin Rock to the stage with a distinctive variety of artists that have performed and recorded predominantly from the Southland.

Beginning with their fearless leader, Ray Carrion, who moved to LA in 1982 found himself working the late, great Victor Pantoja of Azteca fame performing all over California making a name for himself and in 1984 was able to join forces with Bobby Espinosa and Rudy Regalado in El Chicano. One of Ray's visits to the Bay Area was with El Chicano at the Avalon where I first met him. Ray continues to today with his company Ray Carrion Events producing shows through out the Los Angeles area.

Steve Salas

Singer Steve Salas - Co-founding member of the Latin Rock & Soul group Tierra, Steve continues to perform the popular hit song , "Together" along with other tunes with Thee Latin AllStars. Steve began singing and performing at an early age with his older brother Rudy when they began Tierra and have been seen on American Bandstand, Sold Gold, Soul Train and the American Music Awards to name a few. songs wi.ll include "Brown Eyed Girl", "Memories", "Together"


Singer Mike Jimenez - Mike has spent time in his career with Tierra as well as Azteca after the re-release of Azteca on CD from Crecendo Records. Songs include "Sabor a Mi", ""Someday We'll Get By" and "What You Goona Do" both by Azteca

Singer Gilbert Stokes - Former singer with El Chicano best known for his version of "Groovin" as well as "I Love You More Than Yesterday" from Spiral Staircase.

Lulu Cardona

Singer LuLu Cardona - Bringing in the female end of Thee Latin AllStars, LuLu sings tunes ....Her warm sense of humor, impressive stage presence and angelic yet powerful voice has earned her guest spots with many popular bands during her tenure with Louie Parra & The Mad Latins and the Harbor Groove Band. Songs from her tributes include songs from Patti Drew, Barbara Lynn, Etta James and Amy Winehouse. Strong influences.

Meet the Rest of the Band! -

Harmonica Player Tex Nakamura

Harmonica player Tex Nakamura - Formerly the original WAR, Tex brings that harmonica sound we have come to know and recognize from the original. The band breaks out one of my favorite WAR tunes, "Me And Baby Brother". Worth the price of admission right there.

Bass Player Rocky Padilla

Bass player Rocky Padilla - THUMP Records recording artist is best know for his love of oldies from the East LA sound as well as being known for his now famous medley of "Sabor a Mi / Suavecito". One of Rocky's biggest fans turns out to be the one and only Brown Soul singer Joe Bataan who became a fan after hearing Rocky perform as his opening act.

Drummer Adrian Monge
Keyboard player Tony Hernandez
Drummer Adrian Monge On Horns:

- Bobby Loya

- Bobby Navarette

Each of these players have spent time with Tierra, Thee Midniters, Lil Willie G, and many more helping create the East L.A. Brown Sound.

Joining the band representing the East Bay will be special guest percussionist Juan Escovedo and a special guest appearance from Paris Escovedo singing a song from his father Coke Escovedo who led and created Azteca

Fresno Heavy Weather Band

Heavy Weather with the music of Santana began performing back in 1985 in Fresno California. Led by guitarist Fernando Verdialez, who is a former member of Redbone, the Native American rock group. Fernando was always interested in the music of Santana and the Latin Rock scene back in the 70s, so he started his own group with Marcos Castillo (currently with Malo), and his brother, Alex Castillo on timbales. They are joined by Dave Wallace B3 Hammond Organ. The 4 members have been playing with the group from the start for over 30 years now. Other band members now include: Vini Martinez on vocals, Jonathan Huizar on drums, and James Gaskill on bass. If you want to hear early Santana, this is the group playing songs from Woodstock to Fillmore days in the raw form like the original Santana

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For more information, call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com.

The Late Raul Rekow

KKUP Marathon Sept 20, 21, 22 with Tribute to Raul Rekow

Latin Rock, inc would like to thank Jimmy Hernandez, owner of Time Warp Records who has not only been keeping the music alive with all forms of music (vinyl, tape, CD, video, books, etc) but also filling the airwaves with music and guests on KKUP.

Time Warp Logo

This coming weekend KKUP with be doing their fundraising Music Marathon with a tribute to Raul Rekow as they provide t-shirts with his image. Diane Rekow, who gave her blessing for this event to use his name and image, will be in attendance on October 5th. LRI will also be providing a special ticket link for the show with a portion of the proceeds going to KKUP.

A more recent photo of the Late Raul Rekow

Raul Rekow was the only person to play in Dakila, Malo, Sapo and then 37 years with Santana. All 4 groups were at the heart of Latin Rock coming out of the Mission back in the 60's and 70's where it all started and he left his mark firmly planted on all of these groups.

Please help us keep KKUP with a strong presence in these times constantly losing a source of music that we grew up with The Airwaves.

Show your support for KKUP when you purchase the special priced tickets for Thee Latin Allstars show on October 5th.

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For more information, call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com.

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Eddie Money

"You look at Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bob Seger. All they ever wanted to do was go out there and entertain, and I'm the same way."

–Eddie Money

Dr. Rock & Latin Rock, Inc. Presents Ray Carrion and Thee Latin Allstars Ray Carrion & Thee Latin Allstars special guest Heavy Weather

Saturday Oct 5th, 2019
Advance: $20/ Door: $25
Doors Open 7:00pm
Show 8:00pm

Club Fox- 2209 Broadway, Redwood
City, CA 94063

Call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

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Dr. Rock & Latin Rock, Inc. Presents The 40th Anniversary of Puro Bandido with Rose Marie 40th Anniversary Puro Bandido
special guest Rose Marie

Saturday Nov 2nd, 2019
Advance: $20/ Door: $25
Doors Open 7:00pm
Show 8:00pm

Club Fox- 2209 Broadway, Redwood
City, CA 94063

Call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

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