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What a way to start the New Year at NAMM!

NAMM 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center

NAMM 2020

I love going to NAMM every year because you never know who you might see. One year Stevie Wonder and his entourage walked right past us while we were setting up to snap a picture of a group of Santana musicians who had just found each other at the event.

This year was a Bucket List meeting for me personally. My story of watching the Woodstock movie as a 15 year old and completely changing my life's direction has been well documented.

After watching that film and Santana's performance, I was mesmerized and had a new goal in life. I wanted to do that. Well this year's NAMM event put me face to face with the main organizer of that historic event, Michael Lang. I walked past a sign that said he was coming to speak so I waited and it was well worth the wait.

After his speaking to the crowd about his trials and tribulations at that first event we were able to talk one on one for a bit afterwards and I showed him pictures of our Woodstock show last year.

NAMM 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center
NAMM 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center

Great guy, gave me all the time in the world and I'll never forget it. So when at NAMM keep your eyes open, you never know who you'll see. I also ran into some other greats of the music world including Pete Escovedo and Family as well as one of my favorite people Little Willie G who will be performing for us on October 3rd at Club Fox.

Domenico Winery - Sun Feb 23 - Richard Bean & Sapo

Domenico Winery Logo

Due to a scheduling snafu at Club Fox, our annual Richard Bean & Sapo show will be taking place at a very nice and pleasantly roomy venue with seating for everyone! This is our first venture to the Domenico Winery and if it's anything like the last winery we played with Sapo (opening for Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos) this will be another great show for the books. The winery comes with plenty of parking as well as restaurants to check out prior to the show.

Domenico Venue

Richard Bean & Sapo will be able to perform their entire sets for this date and even get to stretch out their musical legs on this one. Because the concert last summer had 3 headline acts, we had to limit the time Sapo was able to perform - but not this time. Be ready for an all out musical invasion with Sapo playing their full repertoire.

Richard Bean and Sapo

This is a special Sunday afternoon/evening show, so there will be plenty of time for dinner as well as a special ticket for a meet & greet with Richard Bean. Table reservations available as well so don't miss out on this show along with Dj Bobby A spinning your favorite songs.

Call 415-285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

More information at: Domenico Winery

Sat Mar 7 Club Fox - Tony Lindsay & Spangalang plus Special Guest - introducing Chloe Jean

Tony Lindsay and Splangaland plus Special Guest Chloe Jean

Former Santana lead vocalist for 23 years, Tony Lindsay brings his talents along with his long time group from the past, Spangalang. This show will include many talented musicians from around the bay, along with special guest Eddie Minifield from the Sheila E Band. Other musicians featured for this show will be Fred Ross, David Shul on guitar, Eamonn Flynn on keyboards, Deszon Claiborne on drums, David Jones on bass. This show will rock!

Chloe Jean

Also gracing the stage for this show will be the talented Chloe Jean. Don't miss this special LRI introduction for the vocal talent of Chloe Jean before her appearance in May at the Fillmore. We are pleased to be able to have this special voice performing for us. A California native with Tennessee roots Chloe Jean is a combination of sweet and spicy. Chloe is an award-winning singer, songwriter, composer and vocalist who draws upon her pain and pleasure to create stories through music. You'll definitely won't want to miss LRI debut.

Call 415-285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

More information at: Our events page

Sat Mar 21 - Thee Latin AllStars with Ray Carrion - Fulton 55

Bringing their game to the Fresno venue Fulton 55 will be Ray Carrion and his band of AllStars from Tex Nakamura of WAR to Steve Salas from Tierra. Also joining the group will be crowd favorite Rocky Padilla. Also from the current WAR line-up will be Sal Rodriguez. Singers for the show will be Hank Castro, Gilbert Stokes, Techeetah Lopez Lily Lulu Cardona and special guest Fresno Homegrown Rockstar from Redbone will be none other than Pat Vegas making a rare appearance. Sharing the stage with Thee Latin Allstars will be local favorites 4Play as well as MC and host from Garage Oldies Henry Lozano.

Call 415-285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

More information at: Our events page

Fulton 55


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Upcoming 2020 Club Fox Schedule

Sat Apr 4 - Robert Payne's Birthday w/ Tortilla Soup & Cisco Kid

Sat May 2 - Cold Blood & It's A Beautiful Day

Sat June 6 - FLO, Funky Latín Orchestra & Masterpiece

Sat July 18 - SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO EDDIE MONEY Lumbre Cd Release

Sat Aug 1 - Zebop 15th Year Anniversary

Sat Sept 5 - Mestizo Reunion

Sat Oct 3 - Little Willie G & Left 2 Write

Sat Nov 7 - Abel Sánchez Si Se Puede Revue & The Paper Thin Band

Sat Dec 5 - Latin Rock, Inc. Holiday Party

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Dr. Rock & Latin Rock, Inc. Presents Tony Lindsay and Splangaland plus Special Guest Chloe Jean Spangalang with Tony Lindsay
Introducing Chloe Jean

Sat Mar 7th, 2020
Advance: $20 / Door: $25
Doors Open 7:00pm
Show 8:00pm

Club Fox
2209 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063

Call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

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Dr. Rock & Latin Rock, Inc. Presents Fulton 55 Thee Latin AllStars with
Ray Carrion

Sat Mar 21st, 2020
Advance: $30 / Door: $35
Doors Open 7:00pm
Show 8:00pm

Fulton 55
875 Divisadero St
Fresno, CA 93721

Call (415) 285-7719 or write DrBGMalo@aol.com

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