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Latin Rock On The Dock

Latin Rock On The Dock Music Festival on Mare Island

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Welcome to the inaugural Latin Rock On The Dock, produced by Dr. Rock, Dr. Annie Rodriguez, Jeff Trager, and Kevin Frazier. Prepare to be captivated by some of the most talented and passionate musicians in the Latin Rock scene, who have curated a spectacular show just for you. Prepare to be swept away by the harmony, style, and diverse sounds of their music, showcasing the boundless creativity and innovation of these artists.

Concerts possess a unique ability to transcend language barriers and cultural divides, uniting people through the universal language of music, especially when experienced live! Whether it's a local ensemble or an international icon, live performances offer a chance to escape reality for a few hours and immerse oneself in something truly magical and transformative.

Join us in celebrating musical expressions with joy and unity as these bands perform for engaged audiences, leaving an indelible impact on all who attend. We look forward to seeing you at Latin Rock On The Dock!

Main Stage Bands


Ozomatli logo

Ozomatli, formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, is an American rock band known for their vocal activism and diverse musical styles. Blending hip hop, salsa, dancehall, cumbia, samba, funk, merengue, comparsa, and East LA R&B, Ozo's music has earned them three GRAMMYs and numerous awards since their formation. With collaborative energy, Ozomatli continues to inspire listeners worldwide with their multi-cultural sound.



Joe Bataan logo

Experience the captivating sounds of Latin pop and soul with Joe Bataan live in concert. His unique blend of mambo, pop, R&B, and Latin Jazz has earned him widespread acclaim for his musical ability. Joe Bataan's legacy in the music industry is defined by his raw and authentic Latin soul lyrics, his relatable self-identification as an 'Ordinary Guy', and his pioneering fusion of Latin and soul influences. Don't miss the opportunity to witness Joe Bataan's electrifying performance on stage. With his infectious rhythms and catchy tunes, it will be a night to remember.

Joe Bataan


Puro Bandido logo

An energetic blend of styles, dubbed 'Border Rock,' reflects their commitment to crossing all borders and having no boundaries. With a soulful rhythm section, melodic vocals, and tight horn section, Puro Bandido is leading the way for a new generation of San Francisco Mission District artists with their refreshing mix of old school cool and Latin Rock. Puro Bandido's Border Rock will get you moving. ¡Muévete!

Puro Bandido


Thee Sinseers logo

Thee Sinseers, led by the talented singer-songwriter Joseph Quinoñez, have been making waves on today's SoCal soul scene since their formation in early 2019. Inspired by classic R&B and 60s soul from East Los Angeles and heroes like James Brown, Brenton Wood and Otis Redding have kept them as one of the sought-out-after popular groups in California. Thee Sinseers feature lush horn sections giving way to full rhythms which command attention. Their sound is something you don’t want to miss!

Thee Sinseers

Smaller Stage Bands

Los Cochinos

Los Cochinos logo

With their unique playlist of Latin rhythms and soulful tunes, it's no wonder why Los Cochinos is considered one of today's top acts carrying on the Latin Rock sound and continues to make waves in the music industry with their original tunes. The band's energetic live performances have captured audiences throughout the Bay Area.

Los Cochinos

Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire logo

Witness the revival of Santana's iconic sound through the extraordinary performances of Sacred Fire Band, a group committed to delivering an authentic experience that honors the legacy of Santana while introducing the Latin Rock sound to new generations.

Sacred Fire

The Band August

The Band August logo

Since 1974, The Band August has been entertaining audiences with their unique blend of infectious energy and fiery tunes that never fail to get people rocking. With a legacy spanning over five decades, they have cemented their status as musical dynamos in California's Central Valley.

The Band August


Dakila logo

With origins dating back to 1972 in San Francisco's vibrant Mission district, Dakila's music boasts an eclectic mix of styles including rocklatinjazzpopfunkapino, delivering a fresh take on contemporary music while staying true to their roots.


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